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If We Caught Fire


Set in St. John’s, If We Caught Fire explores the complexities of life in a blended family.When her mother decides to remarry, Edie’s calm and orderly life is knocked off...



This semi-autobiographical collection of poetry offers an historical snapshot of domestic life that views women’s labour, relationships, and sexuality through a feminist lens.Chores is about families and the domestic work...

The Dialysis Project


The Dialysis Project is the first-person story of agency and resilience.The Dialysis Project is a one-woman play about the experience of a home dialysis patient administering her own medical treatments...



IsThisAnOlogy? is a journey of discovery! Andie interviews different “ologists” and learns all about different types of science. IsThisAnOlogy? explores big jobs, big science, and the biggest questions. Learn about fossils, bird...

It Takes a Village: Spinning the Collective Yarn


It Takes a Village: Spinning the Collective Yarn reflects on the collaborative process through which we discover our singular stories. It argues that sharing oral traditions is the best means...

The Ewe Who Knew Who Knit You


This magically illustrated story celebrates the power of friendship and kindness and teaches us to be proud of the things that make us unique. When the warm winds summon the...
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 result
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