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The Wind Has Robbed the Legs Off a Madwoman


A rare new book of verse from one of the most recognized and distinguished names in Newfoundland poetry and drama, Agnes Walsh.This exciting new collection by a beloved Newfoundland poet...



With razor-sharp acuity and snappy language, Dayboil centres on a community in crisis––a kitchen-table comedy that quickly takes a dark turn.Four middle-aged women meet at Kathy’s house in rural Newfoundland...

Luna and the Heart of the Forest


Follow the adventures of Luna and a cast of ghosts and folkloric beings, including a redemption-seeking Viking, a friendly whale, and a murderous bog monster!Luna is eleven years old and...

A Seal of Salvage


Steeped in Newfoundland’s unique folklore and superstitions, A Seal of Salvage is a coming-of-age novel about unrequited love between adolescent boys that slips between history and mythology.Set in 1950s rural...

Called By Mother Earth


This raw and intimate memoir takes us inside the mind of a father who embarked on a ten-month journey through rugged and remote terrain in British Columbia in search of...

Romancing History? Wayne Johnston and "The Colony of Unrequited Dreams"


Romancing History?: Wayne Johnston and “The Colony of Unrequited Dreams” closely re-examines how Wayne Johnston’s seminal historical novel combines fact and fiction to shape our perception of the truth.First published...

Field Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador


A rich and informative guide to the common—and uncommon—beauty of the province. The most comprehensive guide of its kind on the market today, the Field Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador...

The Jewish Deli Cookbook


Celebrating seasonal Newfoundland ingredients in the creation of Jewish fusion cuisine: classic North American delicatessen recipes alongside North African flavours. An exploration of Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Newfoundland cuisine showcasing local...

Five for Forteau


The fifth book in the Sebastian Synard mystery series takes our intrepid tour guide/private detective on a jaunt across Newfoundland and into Labrador, in pursuit of those towers of intrigue—lighthouses!...

A Company of Rogues


This dramatic conclusion to a trilogy foregrounds the experiences of women settlers in North America as they grapple with notions of homeland, colonization, and sense of belonging. A Company of...
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 result
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