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The interconnected stories of Vigil are packed with uncomfortable characters caught in situations of complex morality, with each piece both a chapter in the overall story and also a stand-alone...

The Wind Has Robbed the Legs Off a Madwoman


A rare new book of verse from one of the most recognized and distinguished names in Newfoundland poetry and drama, Agnes Walsh. This intimate new collection by a beloved poet...



With razor-sharp acuity and snappy language, Dayboil centres on a community in crisis––a kitchen-table comedy that quickly takes a dark turn.Four middle-aged women meet at Kathy’s house in rural Newfoundland...

Called By Mother Earth


This raw and intimate memoir takes us inside the mind of a father who embarked on a ten-month journey through rugged and remote terrain in British Columbia in search of...

A Seal of Salvage


Steeped in Newfoundland’s unique folklore and superstitions, A Seal of Salvage is a coming-of-age novel about unrequited love between adolescent boys that slips between history and mythology.Set in 1950s rural...

Luna and the Heart of the Forest


Follow the adventures of Luna and a cast of ghosts and folkloric beings, including a redemption-seeking Viking, a friendly whale, and a murderous bog monster!Luna is eleven years old and...



This semi-autobiographical collection of poetry offers an historical snapshot of domestic life that views women’s labour, relationships, and sexuality through a feminist lens.Chores is about families and the domestic work...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 result
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