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A Moose Goes a-Mummering


In this Newfoundland "Twelve Days of Christmas," Chris Moose loves to go mummering. But everyone, from 2 giggling geese to 12 blushing beavers, see through his festive costume. With bobbles,...



1949 is an historic, non-fictional account of the role one man played in breaking the shackles that kept Britain's oldest colony in a state of permanent poverty and who led...

A Blessed Snarl


Patrick Wiseman moved his wife and son back to Newfoundland to start a new Pentecostal church, but when his wife Anne leaves him for a man she meets on Facebook...

A Life of Caring


A collection of oral histories from nurses practicing during the 20s and 30s in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A Corner Boy Remembers


A Story of Memoirs In A Corner Boy Remembers, author Frank Kennedy remembers how times were so different when he was growing up in St. John's. Containing more than70 photographs,...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 result
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