International Children's Book Day

April 2nd is International Children's Book Day. This year's theme is "Stories are wings that help you soar every day". Breakwater has a large selection of children's books with many theme and wonderful characters. These are just a few of our books with wings, showcasing some of Newfoundland and Labrador's aviation history and our feathered friends. 
Pictured here is Yaffle's Journey by Nancy Keating and illustrated by Nancy and Laurel Keating, Raven, Stay By Me by Luise van Keuren, Johnny and the Gipsy Moth by Deannie Sullivan-Fraser and illustrated by Hilda Rose, and Flying Ace: Errol's Gander Adventure by Sheilah Lukins and illustrated by Laurel Keating.

Available Soon

The Tales Of Dwipa is a collection of short stories adapted from the Panchatantra, a collection of simple, engaging, and interrelated animal tales penned by Pandit Vishnu Sharma in the hopes of awakening the dim intelligence of a powerful Indian king’s idle sons. The ancient stories of the Panchatantra still find meaning in today’s world despite originating in India before 300 BCE. These stories are set in a Canadian context with topical themes, bringing together two distinct cultures—Indian and Canadian—for the most impressionable minds of our society.

Trans Day of Visibility

Yesterday was Trans Day of Visibility. Breakwater Books is proud to celebrate diverse voices, and have published trans stories. For trans stories, we recommend TransVersing for creative and courageous voices charting our course to understanding and social justice for all, and Queer Monologues: Stories of LBGT Youth produced by For the Love of Learning where queer youth share their concerns, hopes, and personal stories in a safe, creative outlet.
More our full collection of Queer Lit, please visit our website.

Love for our Authors!

"There is plenty of action on land and sea, by turns heart-pounding and heart-wrenching. Breakwater Books has performed a great service to naval enthusiasts by publishing The Yankee Privateer."
— James Fisher, Atlantic Books
The Yankee Privateer will be out on April 6, 2022
"The Vernacular Strain in Newfoundland Poetry by Mary Dalton was an enlightening read. [...] It was, admittedly, a subject I knew next to nothing about beforehand, but I had no trouble following along due to the strength and clarity of Dalton's lecture. I found it very educational and it gave me a lot to think about - both at large and in regards to my own work."
— Oliver Hallett @oliverchallett, Digitally Lit Reviewer
"Her heroic journey of surviving a deadly family home fire while enduring a painful physical recovery and mourning the death of five of her siblings was gut wrenching to read.  But it also sparked a sense of hope, perseverance, and tenacity."
  “Alors que certaines personnes croient qu’il n’existe qu’une forme d’amour, pour d’autres il y en a deux, trois ou dix. Dans The Love Olympics, Claire Wilkshire cherche à en explorer le plus possible. [...] N’importe quel lecteur ou lectrice peut se reconnaître dans ce livre, car The Love Olympics raconte les histoires de résidents et de résidentes de la ville de St. John’s de milieux vastement différents.”
—Rose Avoine-Dalton, Le Gaboteur

National Poetry Month

April is national poetry month. We have published many collections of poetry, and this year have published both Heather Nolan's Land of the Rock: Talamh an Carraig and Mary Dolan's Pratt Lecture analysis of poetry, The Vernacular Strain in Newfoundland Poetry. Some other collections are This Is How It Is by Sharon King-Campbell, Still No Word by Shannon Webb-Campbell, Inquiries by Michelle Porter, and Narrow Cradle by Wade Kearly.
See our published collections on our website and celebrate National Poetry Month.

April Fools Day!

Jokes and nonsense are the theme of the day! Check out classic jokes and stories with A Treasury of Newfoundland Humour and Wit by J.C. Burke and illustrated by L.B. Jensen and Legacy of Laughter by prolific author Jack Fitzgerald. For a different kind of nonsense, check out Last Hummingbird of West Chile 
by Nicholas Ruddock, which has many surprises and tricks; ever read something narrated by a reef or a hummingbird?