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The Tales of Dwipa


Through a framework of traditional tales, fantastic creatures struggle with issues of marginalization, opening discussion for parents and children in an accessible form. The Tales Of Dwipa is a collection...

The Yankee Privateer


A story of adventure, betrayal, and resilience in Newfoundland set against the backdrop of the historical events of the American War of Independence. Loyalty and betrayal meet in Newfoundland during...



A play about currency during wartime, survival, and the power dynamic between protectors and the protected. In an isolated farmhouse during a period of ethnic cleansing, Johanna and Max attempt...

Land of the Rock


A poetic exploration of place and belonging, a quest that takes the speaker across the ocean in search of identity and origin. The speaker in the poems that form Land...

The Blue Moth Motel


A haunting and evocative exploration of the meaning of family and home. Ingrid and Norah have an unconventional upbringing—growing up in a motel, raised by their mother and her female...

Salt Beef Buckets


Recipes and essays exploring the stories and culinary traditions of Newfoundland. Three facts: 1. The culinary history of Newfoundland is unique and diverse. 2. Anyone can cook anything and make...
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 result
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