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Five for Forteau


The fifth book in the Sebastian Synard mystery series takes our intrepid tour guide/private detective on a jaunt across Newfoundland and into Labrador, in pursuit of those towers of intrigue—lighthouses!...

A Company of Rogues


This dramatic conclusion to a trilogy foregrounds the experiences of women settlers in North America as they grapple with notions of homeland, colonization, and sense of belonging. A Company of...

Suliewey: The Sequel to My Indian


Suliewey: The Sequel to My Indian continues the story of Mi’kmaw guide Sylvester Joe, whose traditional name is Suliewey, as he seeks out the last remaining Beothuk community.In My Indian,...

Soft Serve


Allison Graves’ edgy debut collection of short fiction scrutinizes unconventional and confused attachments between people and the reasons they last. The extraordinary becomes the ordinary as people navigate the weird,...

Impressions of Newfoundland


Impressions of Newfoundland showcases the island’s landscape and people through fine art and reveals the stories behind the images.Impressions of Newfoundland selects from the works of photographer Ting Ting Chen’s landscape...

Mischief in High Places: The Life and Times of Sir Richard Squires


Mischief in High Places examines the spectacular career and personal life of the man who, in 1919, first became elected prime minister of Newfoundland. The political successes of Sir Richard Squires'...

La petite cabane rouge


Un beau matin, une petite cabane se réveille et s’aperçoit qu’elle n’est plus tout à fait la même. Elle n’est pas sûre pourquoi et elle ne se sent plus à...

Let It All Fall: Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977-95


Incorporating elements of creative nonfiction and oral history, Let It All Fall: Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977–95 is a collection of interview-based first-person monologues that...

Eyes in Front When Running


This is a book about the collision of fear and longing, how the thing you fear the most is often the one thing you need to set you straight.Eyes in...

The Gull Workshop


The Gull Workshop is a collection of stories that features a unique combination of thematic seriousness and comic style. The characters in The Gull Workshop are often in search of something—call it authenticity,...

If We Caught Fire


If We Caught Fire brings two families together for a wedding in St. John’s, an event that sets off a summer of fireworks in the lives of the people around...



This semi-autobiographical collection of poetry offers an historical snapshot of domestic life that views women’s labour, relationships, and sexuality through a feminist lens.Chores is about families and the domestic work...

The Dialysis Project


The Dialysis Project is the first-person story of agency and resilience.The Dialysis Project is a one-woman play about the experience of a home dialysis patient administering her own medical treatments...



IsThisAnOlogy? is a journey of discovery! Andie interviews different “ologists” and learns all about different types of science. IsThisAnOlogy? explores big jobs, big science, and the biggest questions. Learn about fossils, bird...
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 result
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