What better way to gear up for the holiday season than to start with a swanky party in a large, well-ventilated space like the Johnson Geo Centre?

Join Breakwater Books along with authors Bridget Canning, Joshua and Craig Goudie, Shelly Kawaja, Kevin Major, Jim McEwen, and Peter Wilkins, musical guests Duane Andrews and Erin Power, for a party celebrating the launch of these incredible books. Conversations will be had, books will be bought and signed, cake will be served... what could be better? 

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Who says books coverage is dead? Here are some stellar notes you may have missed:

Breakwater On the Town

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Can't make the Fall Launch Party to get your books and get them signed by the authors? Check out these events at which you'll find Breakwater Books authors providing signatures for book buyers! 

  • Nov 30 – Jim McEwen, author of Fearnoch, at Coles Avalon Mall, 1-3 pm 
  • Dec 1 – Jim McEwen, at Chapters Kenmount Road, 1-3 pm
  • Dec 3  Jim McEwen, Travel bug, 1-3pm
  • Dec 3 – Shelly Kawaja, author of The Raw Light of Morning, at Coles Corner Brook, 2-3pm
  • Dec 4 – Kevin Major, author of Four for Fogo Island, at Coles Avalon Mall, 3-4:30 pm
  • Dec 6 – Peter Wilkins, author of The Newfoundland Cocktail Book, at Chapters Kenmount Road, 1-3 pm
  • Dec 8 – Shelly Kawaja at Stephenville Library, 6-7pm
  • Dec 10 – Joshua & Craig Goudie, authors of Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines, at Coles Avalon Mall, 4-6 pm
  • Dec 11 – Kevin Major, at Chapters Kenmount Road, 1-3 pm
  • Dec 17 – Peter Wilkins, at Coles Avalon Mall, 5-7 pm
  • Dec 17 – Shelly Kawaja, at Norris Point Library, 2pm 

Now Available in the Shop

Peter Wilkins

The definitive guide to cocktails in Newfoundland and Labrador from the co-founder of the popular Newfoundland Distillery, including recipes from the top mixologists and bartenders across the province. Cocktails are all about pleasure and celebrating the finer moments in life. With recipes compiled and tested by Peter Wilkins, the co-founder of the Newfoundland Distillery, this is the essential guide on how to effortlessly make classic and contemporary cocktails using the best local ingredients available. Peter introduces us to a range of delightful drinks in a variety of tastes and styles to make sure there is a cocktail for everyone.

No One Knows About Us
Bridget Canning

Award-winning author Bridget Canning returns with an incisive and unsettling collection that considers what it means to be good—or to be a villain—in our relationships with others. No One Knows about Us is a collection of short fiction about how we find connection in a disconnected world. Relationships exist under the wire, and conversations and revelations occur in secret pockets, both literally and physically. The characters conduct secret acts of vengeance, kindness, and vigilantism motivated by their hidden yearnings, grudges, losses, fears, and fixations. 

Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge Chapter III: Miapukek | The Middle River
Pam Hall and Jerry Evans, Mik'maq translation by Ida Denny
Presented in English and Mi’kmaq, the latest chapter in this ambitious series presents a remarkable and respectful collaboration between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous artist, deepening and diversifying our understanding of the intergenerational knowledge of a Mi’kmaw community in Newfoundland.
Miawpukek—The Middle River is Chapter III of Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, the art-and-knowledge project of artist-scholar Pam Hall. This volume presents a fragment of the local place-based knowledge gathered by Hall and artist Jerry Evans. From canoe-building to berry harvesting, from preparing moose nose to foraging for natural medicines, from stewarding eel populations to reclaiming language and traditional cultural practices, Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge Volume II - Chapter III: - Miawpukek vividly presents the rich, place-based knowings and doings of this Indigenous community on the south coast of Newfoundland.
Four For Fogo Island
Kevin Major

Murder in a quilt shop on scenic Fogo Island leads sardonic private eye Sebastian Synard from his quest for some R&R to a different kind of excursion altogether. Four for Fogo Island finds Sebastian Synard on a May 24th weekend getaway with his new significant other, Mae. (As he says, “what a difference a Mae makes.”) When Sebastian and Mae arrive at a fabric shop, they discover the owner in a back room, lying in a pool of blood, having been stabbed with a pair of antique quilting scissors. This propels the couple along a sequence of occasionally bizarre investigative paths to track down the killer. Sebastian has more than murder to deal with. A family get-together involving his son and ex-wife (and her partner, Frederick, a police officer) goes awry as Frederick inserts himself into the investigation. Mae on occasion outsmarts Sebastian on the investigative trails, but our private eye is rarely without his trademark sense of humour.