It's almost summer, and Breakwater has your beach and patio reading in the bag. Learn about incoming new books, as well what's already on shelves, along with notices of dates that will need to be saved. Read on to be sure you're ready to get your hands on everything worth reading this summer.

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Fearnoch and The Tales of Dwipa at IPPYs

Congratulations to both Jim McEwen and the team of Prajwala Dixit and Duncan Major whose books Fearnoch and The Tales of Dwipa have won Bronze at the Independent Publishers Book Awards (Canadian East Fiction and Multicultural Nonfiction Juvenile respectively)! Get your copies of these titles by following the links to our online store. 

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Growing Season

Welcome to our newest staff members! Norma Noseworthy has taken over the role of Finance and Office Administration, and our new interns are Jessica Warford in editorial and Brooklyn  Gair in design. 

    Welcome to Norma, Jessica, and Brooklyn!


Mark your calendars: the summer is gonna rock at Breakwater. 
  • June 17, 9pm
    Let It All Fall Launch
    Mike Heffernan, Fur Packed Action, Box, and sHEAVY 
    The Rock House, St. John's
  • July 7 - 9, various
    With: Peter Wilkins, Michelle Porter, Bridget Canning, Shelly Kawaja, Maggie Burton, Robert Chafe, and Leah Lewis
    Church at Oche Pit Cove
  • July 16, all day
    SJFM Queer Market
    St. John's Farmer's Market
  • July 20, 6pm
    Summer Launch Party
    With: Mike Heffernan, Willow Kean, Larry Matthews, Beth Ryan, Maggie Burton, Ting Ting Chen, and more

    St. John's Farmer's Market
  • August 20, 8pm
    Celebration of Breakwater Books 50th Anniversary
    Writers at Woody Point
    With: Shelly Kawaja, Paul Dean, and Andy Jones

ON THE NOSE: Books Perfect for June

New books are arriving all the time, but sometimes it's fun to go back through the list to see what books might best suit the start of summer. Check out these titles as gifts for Dad. Or to add to your beach reading pile. Just remember to put some stones on them so they don't blow away in the famous Newfoundland wind.  

Let It All Fall: Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977 - 95
Mike Heffernan
Coming this month, and a perfect gift for Dads of a certain vintage. That rebellious streak is still in them, it's just hidden under the socks and sandals.  

Land Beyond the Sea
Kevin Major
You know how dads are forever reading war books or historical books about Newfoundland? Here you go. (And it's an award winner!)

Bottoms Up: A History of Alcohol in Newfoundland and Labrador
Sheilah Roberts Lukins
Do we really need to explain this one? This is vital information that anyone who likes to explain a thing or two over a pint might need. 

A Roll of the Bones
Trudy J. Morgan Cole

This is the first book in a gripping historical tale perfect for relaxing outside with. The second was published in 2021 and the third will arrive this Fall! Time to get caught up. 

Even Weirder Than Before
Susie Taylor

An ideal outdoors read full of sharp, perceptive prose and memorable characters. Wise and funny with just the right amount of heartbreak. 

Dropping This Summer 

Exciting times! Here come the new titles! 

Eyes in Front When Running
Willow Kean
(Coming this June 8)

This defiant and unapologetically sardonic debut novel explores the collision between fear and longing.

When Cleo Best moves back in with her parents after the collapse of her relationship, a series of bad decisions turn her life upside down, but somehow set it right at the same time.

Eyes in Front When Running is a quick-witted family drama that uses humour to tackle heavy topics; the crumbling of a relationship, miscarriage, abortion, infertility, postpartum depression.

Let It All Fall: Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977 - 95
Mike Heffernan
(Coming June 15)

Incorporating elements of creative non-fiction and oral history, Let It All Fall: Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977-95 is a collection of interview-based first-person monologues that describe the experiences of a generation of independent musicians. 

Beginning in the late 1970s, a new raw sound began to emerge from the basements and garages of St. John’s which, by the mid-90s, had grown into a vibrant community. With few resources, dozens of bands produced a staggering amount of music. As an important part of our recent cultural history, they would lay the foundation for what is now an expansive industry. Let It All Fall offers considerable insight into the largely undocumented underground social and cultural life of St. John’s.

Mischief in High Places: The Life and Times of Sir Richard Squires
Ted Rowe
(Coming July 15)

Mischief in High Places examines the spectacular career and personal life of the man who, in 1919, first became elected prime minister of Newfoundland.

The political successes of Sir Richard Squires' career are overshadowed by a legacy of scandal and deceit that paved the way for Newfoundland’s loss of democracy in 1933. Perhaps best known for slipping out of the Colonial Building during the 1932 riot, Squires had survived three corruption-ridden terms in office in the final decades of responsible government while living a high-flying lifestyle with his wife, Helena.

Impressions of Newfoundland
Ting Ting Chen
(Coming August)

Impressions of Newfoundland showcases the island’s landscape and people through Chen's fine art, revealing the stories behind the images.

Impressions of Newfoundland selects from the works of photographer Ting Ting Chen’s landscape photos and fine art portraits. As a newcomer to Newfoundland, she uses her unique perspective in photography to show her impressions of this province, to reveal the bonds between people and places, and to tell the story of how she found her home and muse in Newfoundland.