We're not ready to admit that summer is almost over, but we have a LOT of amazing books coming out this Fall and we can't wait for you to read them!

Land of Many Shores: Stories from a Diverse Newfoundland and Labrador edited by Ainsley Hawthorn


"This collection shows Newfoundland contains multitudes, as writers observe the province through the lens of their identities. From NunatuKavut Inuk spoken-word artist and professor Julie Bull’s poem weaving together the strands of their identity to queer disabled playwright Paul David Power’s meditation on the magnetic lure of home, Land of Many Shores debunks the myth of a homogenous Newfoundland." 

— Ryan Porter, Quill & Quire

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The Blue Moth Motel by Olivia Robinson

"Olivia Robinson furnishes The Blue Moth Motel with beautiful, evocative details that stun with their ability to pull a reader backward, like an incantation, conjuring again the fleeting and tender magic of childhood. This is a book to be savoured."

— Terry Doyle, author of DIG

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The Love Olympics by Claire Wilkshire


"The Love Olympics is jubilant, funny, true, generous, and so replete with nuance and finely calibrated explosions of what love can be or do or feel like, over lifetimes or in the moment, that it will make you tear up, sigh with expanding insight, burst open with laughter, and just generally experience how very great stories can move us, entertain us, and make us feel recognized and seen. Here, a mastery of style and depth of character are linked in a pinkie swear, or a contact sport, or anything else which is full of promise, lifelong friendship, some hurt and tenderness. Claire Wilkshire's stories are propulsive, sexy, and all too human."

— Lisa Moore

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Such Miracles and Mischiefs by Trudy J. Morgan Cole

Colonists come face to face with Indigenous Americans, enslaved Africans, and pirates as they struggle to build a life in North America.

Such Miracles and Mischiefs, the second book in the Cupids trilogy, adventures across the first three English colonies in the Americas—Newfoundland, Virginia, and Bermuda—and highlights women’s colonial experience.

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Rock Paper Sex Volume 2: Trigger Warning by Kerri Cull

rock paper sex

This sequel offers a wide range of stories from the sex industry in St. John’s. As new voices are introduced and some from Rock Paper Sex, Volume I are revisited, key themes emerge, including barriers to safe sex work and the intersection of sex work with human trafficking. This unique collection provides a space for voices of LGBTQ sex workers, dancers, escorts, street-based workers, a massage parlour owner, and others in a startling and compelling investigation of the industry.


Three for Trinity by Kevin Major


In Three for Trinity, the third book in the Sebastian Synard Mystery series, offbeat humour meets suspense as a nefarious crime unfolds.

Praise for Two for the Tablelands, the second in the series:

Two for the Tablelands is a well-written tale with more than enough thrills, chills, and unexpected twists and turns to satisfy even the most jaded readers among us.”

— D.R. The Book Guy, Ltd Radio

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Salt Beef Buckets: A Love Story by Amanda Dorothy Jean Bulman


Recipes and essays exploring the stories and culinary traditions of Newfoundland.

Three facts: 1. The culinary history of Newfoundland is unique and diverse. 2. Anyone can cook anything and make it delicious, so long as they prioritize local and seasonal ingredients. 3. Food tastes better when it is connected to stories and memory.  These are the core beliefs of Salt Beef Buckets: A Love Story, an affectionate tribute to the land, the people, and their meals.

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Field Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador by Michael Collins

The most comprehensive guide of its kind on the market today, the Field Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador features more than 900 photographs and illustrations: from flora and fauna to icebergs and weather, no stone is left unturned in this perfect introduction to the province’s life and landscape.

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field guide



Join award-winning author Nicholas Ruddock as he launches his highly anticipated third novel Last Hummingbird West of Chile on Wednesday, September 8th at 7pm—hosted by Barb Minett at the Bookshelf in Guelph and followed by a live Q&A!


Pick up your copy at the Bookshelf in Guelph, at our shop in St. John's at 1 Stamps Lane, or from your favourite independent bookstore! Find out more about the book here. 

This virtual event is FREE and will be livestreamed on the Breakwater Books Facebook page as well as on Zoom.