Looking Back on 50 Years!

It's that time of year when, even in a normal year, we start to look towards accomplishments in the past and ambitions for the future. But here at Breakwater, we've had an eventful year -- our 50th anniversary -- full of great books, awesome events, and news, both exciting and sad. Keep reading below to see what's been happening and get a sneak peek at what's to come. 

In this issue:

  • News (our authors making and breaking waves) 
  • Upcoming Events (join Breakwater to celebrate books)
  • Special Holiday Treat! (scroll to the bottom for a special recording of our 50th anniversary feature from Woody Point!)
  • Followfest (follow Breakwater's communications channels and never miss a thing)

Holiday Hours



Clyde Rose, Founder of Breakwater Books, 1937 - 2023

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Breakwater Books founder and former publisher of over 25 years, Clyde Rose. Clyde's name is virtually synonymous with publishing in Atlantic Canada and his contributions to Newfoundland's cultural fabric can't be overstated.  

Profile image of sitting Clyde Rose in conversation, far hand to cheek, near arm over back of chair.




Rights News

Breakwater's president and publisher Rebecca Rose can be found trotting around the planet attending book and translation fairs to bring our stories and authors to the world. In 2023, she attended the Frankfurt Book Fair where she brokered a deal for Chinese translation rights on Dr. Hassan Khalili's A Life Spent Listening. Shortly thereafter, she attended the Canada Council Translation Fair at the Salon du livre de Montréal where she sold the French translation rights for Mi'sel Joe and Sheila O'Neill's My Indian. See below for more details! 

  • Chinese translation rights for Dr. Hassan Khalili's A Life Spent Listening sold to China Times Publishing Company for publication in late 2024
  • French translation rights for Chief Mi'sel Joe and Sheila O'Neill's My Indian sold to Bouton d'or Acadie for publication in 2024


Books Coverage



Upcoming Events

The year is winding down, but the books never stop! Mark your calendars for these upcoming Breakwater dates: 

  • December 22 to January 2 -- Store and office at 1 Stamp's Lane closed for the holidays, but our webstore is still open for shopping! 
  • January 24 -- Trudy J. Morgan-Cole reading as part of our ongoing series at The Rooms (details to follow)



It's, It's a Bookroom Blitz!

Every year our annual BookBlitz 50% off sale draws big crowds, and this year was no different. Shop was busting at the seams with people stocking up on books for the holiday season and to get those books signed by a roster of our authors. Photographic evidence presented below. Here's some TV coverage of the event, including our food drive for the Community Food Sharing Association.

Avid shoppers pack the shop for deals!

Ruth Lawrence and Andy Bulman sign IsThisAnOlogy?

Leah Lewis and Ted Rowe sign their books, The Dialysis Project and Mischief in High Places

Author Bridget Canning (No One Knows About Us, Some People's Children, and The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes) wasn't appearing, she was just shopping for bargains!

Cupids Trilogy author Trudy J Morgan-Cole signs A Company of Rogues for an enthusiastic fan!

Debut authors -- Allison Graves signs Soft Serve while Maggie Burton Signs Chores

If We Caught Fire author Beth Ryan with Suliewey co-author Sheila O'Neill

Larry Mathews signs The Gull Workshop

Breakwater's orders lead Bashir looks determined before the onslaught

Breakwater's Fall in Pictures

Authors Chief Mi'sel Joe and Sheila O'Neill launch Suliewey aboard the Adventure Canada vessel (Photos by Jenny Wong).

The dynamic duo charm the audience with their banter aboard the Ocean Endeavour during the 12 day circumnavigation of Newfoundland with over 200 passengers on board.
Sacred items hand-made by Chief Joe himself.

Chief Joe signs the story of his ancestor.

Sheila O'Neill signs.

Ting Ting Chen launches Impressions of Newfoundland in the provincial art gallery and archives at The Rooms

Before the rush!

After the rush!

Chief Mi'sel Joe and Sheila O'Neill in conversation about Suliewey

The audience filters in -- all tickets sold out!

Breakwater's George Murray interviews Sheila O'Neill and Chief Mi'sel Joe about Suliewey

Fiction Launch at LSPU featuring Trudy Morgan-Cole and Kevin Major

Authors Trudy Morgan-Cole and Kevin Major were each adding another volume to their ongoing series

Kevin Major reads from Five for Forteau

Trudy Morgan-Cole (in period dress!) reads from A Company of Rogues

Donation presentation in Miawpukek
Co-Author Jerry Evans presents cheque on behalf of Breakwater and Memorial University Press to Miawpukek First Nation, to bring royalties for the local knowledge borrowed from the community for use in Pam Hall and Jerry Evans' Newfoundland Book Prize-winning title Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, Chapter III, Miawpukek, The Middle River, (with Tourism, Culture and Recreation Director Colleen Lambert)
Photos from Frankfurt Bookfair

Breakwater president Rebecca Rose was busy selling titles like A Life Spent Listening into foreign markets, and LPG-ing!

Translation Fair!

Rebecca Rose at the Canada Council Translation Fair at the Salon du livre de Montréal signing the deal for French translation rights for Chief Mi'sel Joe and Sheila O'Neill's My Indian to Bouton d'or Acadie for publication in 2024!



50th Anniversary Bash at Woody Point

It's been an incredible year, with our 50th anniversary events taking us all over the island and bringing together friends old and new to celebrate the legacy of story and song that is Breakwater. The last of our major anniversary events was held in August to close out the annual Writers at Woody Point festival, a place Breakwater and its people had a hand in promoting since day one. 

Hosted by Angela Antle and Breakwater's George Murray, this event included readings and talks from founding friend Paul Dean, Winterset Prize-winner Shelly Kawaja, and the incomparable Andy Jones, as well as music from Des Walsh and the original lineup of Tickle Harbour. All this with the recently departed Clyde Rose, Breakwater's founder, in attendance. 

Best of all, we recorded the whole thing and thought it would be a nice treat to post for your listening pleasure over the holidays. 

All the best to you and yours, for the rest of this year and into the new year to come! 

Yours friends at Breakwater Books